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WorldWideTandem User Group

Canada CTUG Canadian Tandem Users Group
U.S NCTUG Northern California Tandem Users Group
SCTUG Southern California Tandem Users Group
PNUTS Pacific Northwest Users of Tandem Systems
DUST Desert USers of Tandem
RMTUG Rocky Mountains Tandem Users Group
DRTUG Dallas Regional Tandem Users Group
MCTUG Mid-Continent Tandem Users Group
TUMS Tandem Users of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area
MSTUG Mid-Southern States NonStop Users Group
MRTUG Midwest Region Tandem Users Group
NRTUG Northeast Regional Tandem Users Group
MATUG Mid-Atlantic Tandem Users Group
ATUG Atlanta Tandem Users Group
SUNTUG Florida Tandem Users Group
Int'l ITUG International Tandem User Group
Europe RTUG Russia Tandem Users Group
FINTUG Finnish NonStop Users Group
VNUG Viking NonStop Users Group
ITALIATUG Italian NonStop Users Group
GTUG Germany, Austria, Switzerland Tandem Users Group
FTUG France Tandem Users Group
NLCUG Compaq User Group Nederland
BITUG British Isles Tandem Users Group
Australia OZTUG Australian NonStop Tandem Users Group

Canadian User Groups Contacts

Canadian Association of Comapq Users (the Association)
Web site: http://www.canacu.org
Contact Person: Dave Wilson - E-mail: dwilson@rsi.ca
Contact E-mail: inquire@canacu.org

Canadian Tandem Users Group (CTUG)
Web site: http://www.ctug.ca/
Contact E-mail: ctug@ctug.ca

Edmonton and Area Local Users Group (EARLUG)
Web Site: http://earlug.org
Contact Person: Richard Leask - E-mail: Richard.Leask@interbaun.com
Phone: 780.910.8753

Toronto HP Users Group (TUG)
Web site: http://www.interex.com/lug/Canada/OntarioTUG.html
Contact Person: Wanda Komorowski - E-mail: komorowski@interex.org
Phone: 905.702.0630

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